Innovative Defense Strategies Instructor-Jaime Chavez

Mr. Chavez serves as the lead instructor for IDS, with over 35 years training experience in the area of firearms training, defensive tactics and use of force. He also served as Lead Firearms instructor at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe. He is currently certified by the State of New Mexico as a firearms instructor and is qualified to teach areas of High Risk (police survival, use of force, chemical agents, etc) to other law enforcement officials.

In addition Mr. Chavez has served as a consultant to police in Panama, Honduras, and Mexico. With other accomplishments to include developing and presenting the course "Advanced Defensive Pistol" to police instructors at the Los Angeles Police Academy and the Meridian Idaho Post Academy during national ASLET conferences. Mr. Chavez has travelled to the "TOP OF THE WORLD" and conducted police defensive tactics and use of force training for the North Slope Alaska Police Department.

Committed to teaching women how to protect themselves, Mr. Chavez developed the highly in demand "Dynamics of Human Confrontation Course" a four hour crash course on self-defense and the ever popular Pepper Spray Course.

Mr. Chavez developed and exposed New Mexico State University to the Dynamics of an Active Shooter Scenarios, where he entered an administrative building an exposed the occupants to simulated gunfire in order to train them in proper responses for surviving that type of event. In a novel but effective program entitled "An Introduction to Deadly Force" he has introduced hundreds of persons, including students, governmental officials, university faculty and administration into the real world dynamics of defensive shooting.

As an Expert Witness, Mr. Chavez has served to clarify use of force issues in the courtroom and for prosecutors in review of force cases. He holds a certification by the Force Science Institute as a Force Analyst and has conducted consultation for officer involved shootings, use of force issues, and police procedure.

Mr. Chavez retired as Chief of Police at New Mexico State University in 2012. He currently serves the state of New Mexico as a Fugitive Investigator with the Department of Corrections.

Training and Education

  • FBI National Academy 198th
  • FBI LEEDS Law Enforcement Executive Development
  • Force Science Analyst 2008
  • Chapman Practical Shooting Academy-Advanced Pistol
  • Defense Training International-Defensive Pistol, Shotgun
  • Advanced Firearms Training-NMLEA
  • Urban Sniper Training-Camp Pendleton CA.
  • National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor
  • National Rifle Association Submachine Gun Instructor
  • NMLEA Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Instructor
  • B. S. Criminal Justice, New Mexico State University
  • Use of Force Instructor-NMLEA
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor-NMLEA
  • NRA Police Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Police Shotgun Instructor
  • NRA Select Fire Instructor