"This is the best handgun training I have ever received. I learned more with IDS in a few days than I have in my over 16 years of active duty in the Army. My confidence in using a handgun now equals, if not exceeds, my rifle shooting skills. What makes this training even more impressive is having Mr Chavez's over 25 years of law enforcement experience interwoven into the drills, scenarios and gun laws. Great course and I can't endorse it strongly enough."

-Andrew Taylor, US Army

Dear Jaime,

I want to thank you for the concealed carry course you taught. I can truly say that I feel much safer now that I know I can defend myself and my family if I need to do so. I must admit that being hearing impaired and a senior citizen I worried that the course would overwhelm me. Much to my surprise and to your credit the course could not have been any better.

I think your honest desire to instruct and educate made it such a wonderful course. It was obvious from the first class session that you were not doing this just for the money. Sharing stories from your years of experience made the course material relevant to real life situations.

I know I have the confidence to face any situation that might be thrust on me without a second of hesitation or self doubt. For that you have my sincere thanks.
One final comment, the range exercises and live fire were over the top.

Please feel free to share my comments with anyone who desires to participate in what I consider the best personal protection training available anywhere.

Thanks again,
Fred Ayers

"From the classroom to the firing range, Jaime Chavez focused on improving our recognition of possibly-dangerous situations, and how to react safely and legally, and with confidence. We recommend this class to anyone who is serious about self-defense."

-Samara & Douglas Ramsey

"The first day, the classroom training, I was very impressed with the presentation, the practice drills and the information that he gave us. Jaime is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience of actual defense strategies for personal protection that he incorporates into his basic and advance classes. I found out many other basic and advance gun courses do not offer you the type of training that Jaime does with you. When we went to the shooting range I experienced and witnessed how Jamie can take someone like me who hasn't shot a gun in years and retrain me to become comfortable with a handgun again and become a marksman to score 100% on our competency test and qualify for our certificates of completion. I was able to qualify with a 45 and a 357 mag. and had never used those two weapons before. I was so impressed with Jaime's teaching abilities that my wife, my neighbors and friends have also taken he courses. All of them have been very impressed with how he teaches and they are very happy they took his course instead of someone else's. I hear them telling their family, friends, and other people of the great skills and the techniques that Jaime teaches you in the classroom and on the range so you are comfortable and confident to carry a gun to protect yourself if you are confronted with situation that calls for you to protect yourself and your family. So if you are out there wondering and trying to figure out where or who to go to for professional training for a basic or advanced handgun or concealed weapons course I highly recommend taking Jaime Chavez's, you will be glad you did. I know I am, so is my wife, neighbors, and friends."

-Marvin L. Allen

"After completing this course, I am firmly convinced that this is clearly the best concealed handgun training available in Las Cruces. I have taken a concealed class before so I have a good point of reference, within the first two hours I had learned more than in my previous class."

-Hunter Michael

"More than I ever expected! Excellent training, fascinating instructor."

-Aileen Garcia

"The concealed carry class instructed by Jaime Chavez was very informative, thorough and safety was ALWAYS primary throughout each day of the course. The day at the shooting range was a class act. Mr. Chavez is a master presenter and has the credentials to back it up."

-Susana Martinez

"Outstanding!  I highly recommend Innovative Defense Strategies and Instructor Jaime Chavez to anyone who is seeking to learn or improve their handgun skills and to understand the psychological and physiological dynamics of a sudden attack or surprise threat.  Learn why just shooting at a stationary targets won't prepare you to defend yourself.  This class will expose you to real world shooting techniques and strategies.  If you feel the need to learn how to best protect and defend yourself, this is the course to take!"

- Fermin A. Rubio



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